General Research

A sampling of photos from the field

Arrival at our field site by Twin Otter

Instrument set-up after arrival

"Profiling radar set-up, used for measuring glacial stratigraphy"

Deployment of phase sensitive radar (APres) to measure englacial strain rates

Explosive planting for active seismic experiment

Source explosion for active seismic experiment

"Winch, lowering a 3 component seismometer for borehole geophysics"

Measuring surface speed for the glaciers of Mt. Baker using radar interferometery

Antarctica 2018/19

Austral summer 2018/19, field work at Hercules Dome, West Antarctica.

The C-17 ride from Christchurch to McMurdo

Views of the Transantarctic Mountains

"Eric Steig, Knut Christianson, and me at Willy Field"

Pizza Delivery at McMurdo

"The coffee house, where we spent most of our nights"

Looking out over the Transantarctics on our way to South Pole

South Pole Station

South Pole Station

South Pole Station

The ceremonial South Pole

"The geographic South Pole, before the 2019 move"

Knut Christianson and Ben Hills a the geographic south pole

The South Pole craft room

The South Pole music room

South Pole Greenhouse

The inside of the South Pole greenhouse

Spending time in the greenhouse at South Pole

The South Pole briefing room / The Wire viewing area

"Exploring the South Pole tunnels, 45 feet below the surface"

"Buzz Aldrin Shrine in the South Pole tunnels, 45 feet below the surface"

"Fuel storage for South Pole overwinter, with capacity for over 400,000 gallons of AN8"

The climbe out of the tunnels

"Ben Hills, Eric Steig, and Geoff Schellins waiting out the fire alarm in the South Pole gym"

The main hallway of South Pole Station

Views of the South Pole telescope from the top of ICECUBE

South Pole telescope

Fueling before the reconnaisance flight to Hercules Dome

Packing up for Herc Dome

Apres data collection at the South Pole lake

Views of the South Pole cargo lines

Landing at Hercules Dome

Organizing cargo on the line

Leaving South Pole

Views of the ship from above Hut Point

Snow redistribution on the ridge above hut point

"The ice breaker, heading to the sea ice edge"

Ivan the Terribus

Mt. Baker

Work on Coleman and Roosevelt Glaciers

"Gamma Portable Radar Inteferometer (GPRi), measuring glacier speeds on Mt. Baker"

View of Roosevelet and Coleman Glaciers

Andrew Hoffman preparing dinner for us

"Ben Hills, Knut Christianson, and Andrew Hoffman at the turn"

Antarctica 2014/15

Austral summer 2014/15, field work at WAIS Divide, West Antarctica.

"Me and Don Voigt, at the clothing distribution center, preparing to head to the ice"

View of the SAFAIR LC-130in Christchurch

Leaving Christchurch in the SAFAIR LC-130

"Kiya, after landing in at Willy Field"

Inside Ivan the Terribus on our way into McMurdo

View of McMurdo from Ob Hill

View of McMurdo from Hut Point

White Island

"Scott Base, New Zealand's primary Antarctic base"

Pressure ridges in the sea ice outside Scott Base

Mt. Erebus

"The long duration baloon facility, the largest building on skis in Antarctica"

Heading to WAIS Divide from McMurdo

Kiya and I on the LC130

"The UTIG Basler, out to perform the GIMBLE aerogeophysical campaign over Marie Byrd Land"

My tent at WAIS Divide

Camp Life

Waking up to my finger nail clipper frozen in a block of ice

The WAIS Divide restroom facilities

Entering the WAIS Divide drilling arch

The inside of the Arch

Looking into the WAIS Divide drilling trench

"The winch tent, which feeds cabling down into the WAIS Divide borehole"

Sun dogs outside camp

"Conestoga, holding the seismic equipment"

Pentex explosives

Watching the detonation

Christmas dinner at WAIS Divide

Assembling geopebbles on Christmas day

"Kiya Riverman, Peter Burkett, Me, Atsu Muto, and Don Voigt"

Kiya Riverman and I at WAIS Divide

"Me, Atsu Muto, Kiya Riverman, Don Voigt, and camp manager Kaija at WAIS Divide"

Preparing to leave WAIS Divide

Sea ice breaking out near Hut Point

Adelie penguins off Hut Point