Glacier Atlas

The controls on ice flow vary dramatically over space. Satellite imagery, InSAR derived velocities, and radar derived topographies can often provide valuable insight into the forces controlling the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets. Select a glacier below to get a sense for its local features. [Data Citations found below]

global_map PineIsland_Glacier Jakobshavn_Glacier Marie_Byrd_Land Byrd_Glacier Siple_Coast David_Glacier Jakobshavn_Glacier Northeast_Greenland_Ice_Stream

Antarctic Data------------------
Bed / Surface ElevationFretwell, P., Pritchard, H. D., Vaughan, D. G., Bamber, J. L., Barrand, N. E., Bell, R., … Zirizzotti, A. (2013). Bedmap2: improved ice bed, surface and thickness datasets for Antarctica. The Cryosphere, 7(1), 375–393.
Surface VelocityRignot, E., Mouginot, J., & Scheuchl, B. (2011). Ice Flow of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Science, 333(6048), 1427–1430.
Satellite ImageryHaran, T., Bohlander, J., Scambos, T., & Fahnestock, M. (n.d.). MODIS Mosaic of Antarctica (MOA) Image Map. Boulder, Colorado: National Snow and Ice Data Center.
Greenland Data------------------
Bed / Surface ElevationBamber, J. L., Griggs, J. a., Hurkmans, R. T. W. L., Dowdeswell, J. a., Gogineni, S. P., Howat, I., … Steinhage, D. (2013). A new bed elevation dataset for Greenland. The Cryosphere, 7(2), 499–510.
Surface VelocityJoughin, I., Smith, B. E., Howat, I. M., Scambos, T., & Moon, T. (2010). Greenland flow variability from ice-sheet-wide velocity mapping. Journal of Glaciology, 56(197), 415–430.
Satellite ImageryHaran, T., Bohlander, J., Scambos, T., Painter, T., & Fahnestock, M. (2013). MODIS Mosaic of Greenland (MOG) Image Map. National Snow and Ice Data Center.
Global ImageryStockli, R., Vermote, E., Saleous, N., Simmon, R., & Herring, D. (2005). The Blue Marble Next Generation - A true color earth dataset including seasonal dynamics from MODIS. NASA Earth Observatory.
Marie Byrd Land (DeVicq Glacier)
Jakobshavn Glacier
Northeast Greenland Ice Stream
Byrd Glacier
David Glacier
Thwaites Glacier
Siple Coast
Pine Island Glacier